Workshops and keynotes that rock rooms and move attendees to action

Whenever I undertake a speaking engagement or deliver a workshop, my goal is simple.

Be the most practical person in the room.

The sessions I create and deliver are designed so each and every attendee leaves with at least one practical take-out they can take back their business and apply quickly to get a result.

In 15 years of designing and delivering adviser programs, workshops and presentations, I’ve learnt that being a memorable speaker is about making sessions engaging, interactive and fresh experiences.

I've sat through enough "dry" presentations myself to realise the key to creating value lies in giving people clear direction on what they can do, providing practical actions they can adopt, and making the experience of working "on" your business enjoyable.

So I made a decision some time ago that the value of any session delivered had to be able to be measured in the outcomes achieved off the back of it.


People also tell me I bring energy and give clarity.

My speciality is blending innovation with core practice management expertise and encouraging advisers to explore the practical side of practice success supported by insight into digital thinking and the myriad of new business tools becoming available to SMEs each day.

My "kitbag" includes a wide range of sessions all drawing the program curriculum I've created covering:

  • Marketing and lead generation
  • New client engagement and sales
  • Automation
  • Service offers
  • Pricing & profitability
  • Client experience
  • Resourcing and team management
  • Outsourcing & offshoring
  • Systems, technology and
  • Personal and team productivity

 I believe talk is cheap but insight gives value.

But it's inspiring action that creates results.


Colleagues looked on as I tried to gather the scattered pieces of my mind up off the office floor last Wednesday morning – that’s how much Stewart Bell blew my brain during XYLive.

Voted as the best speaker at two consecutive Adviser Innovation events, Stewart has proved to be an engaging and motivational speaker 

Stewart's unique insights into building a better business that is "future proof" were incredibly refreshing and importantly, practical

Stewart is an extremely thought provoking speaker who showed real expertise in sharing some very practical steps to innovate advice business models.

If you’re seeking an advantage in your business that will improve your chance of success, I would highly recommend Stewart and the Audere team.

We had the pleasure of engaging Stewart to facilitate a pre conference masterclass as well as deliver a keynote presentation at our annual conference. If you’re after someone who can deliver a high quality, engaging and professional experience with content that is topical and adds immediate value to your business, look no further than Stewart!”


Sessions that are topical, fresh and cutting edge of advice.


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