"Give me 30 mins and I'll show you how to create a leveraged advice model"

Here's what I've discovered: solving the issues that stop advice firms from scaling isn't as hard as it seems, as long as you reinvent yourself across three core areas.

I'd love to share with you the story behind each.

Over the next few weeks I'm running 30-min webinars, short sharp and unrestrained content, around these three areas of sales, delivery and team.

They run in three week cycles. Not sure how long we'll run them for, so if you are keen please register to come along rather than wait.

But if you've heard enough, and you want to fast track the whole conversation, then click the blue button below and let's talk.

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Russell Stephenson Russell Stephenson, Head of Wealth, Sterling Publishing

Voted as the best speaker at two consecutive Adviser Innovation events, Stewart has proved to be an engaging and motivational speaker that provides tailored content to his audience and inspires them to change habits, try new practices and implement spoken topics

Paul Stoddart Paul Stoddart, Director at PRS Partners

I have not made a business decision that has had more impact on my business than bringing Stewart on board.

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