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Recently I joined a coaching group. I was impressed by their IP, wooed by their style and eventually made the decision to join their group workshop program. The fee was reasonably decent, but I figured that what I could do with what they taught me, and the outcomes I could help my clients get as a secondary result, would more than pay for the investment.

Invariably though a few days after signing on the dotted line, it was natural I'd start questioning the decision. Would I get value? Had I been sold? Had I acted impulsively?

Buyers remorse is a powerful thing. It starts as a seed and, unless dealt with, will eventually blossom into flowers of discontent.

On the flip side, humans also like to talk themselves into believing they've made the right call. We like to tell people how the new car we've bought is the best ever, or that our new phone is better than its competitor, as long as the conditions are right.

The same is very true of advice. Getting a client to see the value of advice and agree to proceed isn't getting any easier. When you then take into account what's written about advice these days, the last thing you want is for them to start to regret signing up for your advice and start looking for a way out.

Thankfully, there's a pretty easy solution.

One week after I'd joined the coaching group, a package arrived. It was a big, padded thing. The kind of package that makes you excited in the same way it did when you were a kid.

I opened it and got more excited. This wasn't a welcome letter and a wall calendar. This was a box of goodies, hand picked to make me feel special.

Frankly, it's the kind of thing any advice who wants to be seen as a class act should be seeking to emulate.

So, to get practical. What might your killer Welcome Pack look like?

  • Start with the box. Get them custom made with your logo on the top. Make them sturdy and significant; the kind your clients will want to keep and put all their financial documents in. Try Trusty Cases & Boxes for a good selection of custom options.
  • Create a glossy welcome letter. Include pictures and make it the kind of message that says. "Congratulations for making the best decision of your life!" Instead of "Dear Sir/ Madam. Blah blah zzzzzz"
  • How about a series of checklists or worksheets to help them establish a financial decision making framework, perhaps including a list of all the financial events that should be a trigger for getting in contact with you? Make it clear from the start when you're available to them and when they will need your help.
  • A custom-branded USB stick FlashBay has a good selection of options) packed with not only all the documentation and PDS's, but also a selection of the best Podcasts, recorded webinars you've delivered (ideally), money-related TED talks and other cool tools that have inspired you to think about money differently. If you know your target market (and why wouldn't you?), this is the single biggest opportunity of all. What content would add value to small business owners? How about Mums and Dads?
  • Whilst you're at it, record a quick personal video message and put it in the root folder. Name the file, WATCH ME FIRST. You might want to also introduce the rest of the team with a pre-recorded video that gets added to the end.
  • What's the best book you've ever read about money? Why not put it in there too. Even better, if you happen to have authored one yourself, whack that in there with a personal message written in the cover.
  • Finally, how about something memorable? If you want to be remembered as remarkable, give something clients will remark about. Ditch the cheap branded pen or the impersonal bottle of wine/ champagne and include something that no-one else would. A wind up toy robot. A kinder egg. A novelty key ring. A pair of colourful socks. A classy moleskin style notebook with a favourite quote on the cover.
  • Something that's likely to put a smile on someone's face and leave an emotional mark. It doesn't have to be expensive either. Try aliexpress.com and get creative.

    If you're purchasing in quantities of  50 packs at a time or more, you should be able to squeeze all that in for well under $100 a pop. A small price to pay for making a killer post-purchase impression, don't you think?

Welcome Packs are a chance for a business to roll out the red carpet, banish buyers remorse and allow clients to start congratulating themselves on a good purchase decision. Even more than that, it's a chance to get creative, differentiate our businesses from the bland and have a little fun to boot. Personally, the more fun I have the more I end up loving what I do. I'm sure it's the same for you and your staff.

Anyway, that's my Pack ideas. What are yours? What does yours contain? What gets commented on by your clients?

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