3 Steps to rapid progress

Oct 09, 2019

Many years ago, I became intensely interested in the stages people go through when faced with a negative life event.

Death is the obvious one. Serious illness is another, but there are a number of extraordinary life events that result in extraordinary (and often...

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What To Do When There's Too Much To Do

Sep 11, 2019

Dear Adviser,

Apologies for the impersonal nature of the intro, but this is something I still wanted to try and address on a more 1-to-1 level, and implore you all to read in full.

It's something I've been battling with recently, and last months outstanding webinar with James...

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Why You Need A Shared Inbox

Jan 17, 2019

"I hate email", and that's no misprint.

I will expand a little though.

Email if used wrongly is an absolute demon technology, which will drain you of every precious minute of focus and energy that should be used for more productive things.

That wouldn't fit in a subject line though.


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The Truth About Accountability

Jan 15, 2019

 85% of people reading this article will not achieve what they aim to this year. It’s not that they’re not capable, it’s not that they can’t, it’s simply that there is a gap between their intention and their actions

As the old saying goes, “Everyone...

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Aug 01, 2017

Most successful people don’t burn themselves from too much work. They go out, enjoy and try a different environment.

Discover here reasons why you have to release and recharge to be able to boost productivity!

Check out my new Vlog: The Release Valve.

If you want to go faster contact...

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The Crippling Weight of Perfectionism

Dec 29, 2015

I've just joined a new gym - Virgin Active in Moore Park. It's a big, shiny, amazing facility that makes me want to go there even when I'm not exercising.

As part of my package, I got 4 sessions with a personal trainer, Laura. As she put me through my paces (lots of bear crawls - I hate bear...

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