The coping with COV-ID Series


 We're living in extraordinary times.

It's hard to think that just three weeks ago, I was planning a trip down to the South Coast for a well-earned break and some time off for our first family holiday in a little while.

Here we are just a few short weeks later, staring down the barrel of who knows what.

In truth though I have nothing to lament.

I have the opportunity to continue to work with businesses and much of what we're working on is not just doable but actually, hugely relevant and important.

Most of the businesses I've spoken to about this are getting on with it, getting on the front foot, doing what they do best and helping clients, and choosing to view this as work-to-be-done.

There is an enhanced need out there right now. 

Clients are realising that it is good to have someone in that corner. Who knows? Maybe others who haven't been so supportive will notice too.Maybe it's made more of us realise that certain things we saw as possible someday, such as 


remote meetings with clients,  are actually very viable ways of doing business both for existing clients and new ones.

The future may be uncertain, but it's also been delivered right now and at lightspeed, and there's a decision every business needs to make right now, and it's the most important one.

The decision is whether you're going to endure and get through this, or not.

Once that call is made, and assuming you decide the former, then it's simply about what you do next.

The small business ecosystem is, in my opinion, the most important thing to protect.  Without small businesses, there can be no economy.

Over the next few weeks, I'm focusing down on six areas I think are vital to get a handle on.

Join them all or join the ones that matter.

I hope you find the series valuable.


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