Welcome to December in Leveraged. It's a finalise month.


I don't care what's being written in the media. I don't care whether you've nailed everything you set out to. I don't care about any of that right now. 

I've had the opportunity to work with each and every one of your this last 12 months and what I've seen has been a group of great advisers, doing great work and things that other firms aren't.

I wanted to let you know that I am both grateful for the opportunity to be part of your journey in 2018, and I am pumped about taking it next level in 2019.

A wave of change is sweeping through our industry. As any surfer will tell you, there are only three places you can be when it comes to waves. You're either behind it with no way of making it up, paddling hard at the top unsure if you're going to make it, or exactly where you need to be to catch it and ride it all the way in, leaving the rest behind.

You are in front 

The work you've done over these last twelve months has been immense, and you should each take a moment to recognise yourselves and each other.

This month is about ending on a high, taking some time not just to reflect on the good, but also to lay down some tracks for a restart, so you can come back fresh and focused, with all the thinking done this side of the break.

I'm also kid-on-Xmas-morning excited to share about 5 ways I'm going to upgrade the program and make it even more of what you need to achieve even greater success.

It's been a hell of a 12 months, but you stand on the edge of a brave new world.

Don't ever lose sight of the fact that when all the dust has settled, you do great work. Work that your clients will come to see as the catalyst for the life they wanted, and this was just the beginning.



Unless otherwise stated, some sessions are limited to program attendees. If in doubt, drop us a line.

Friday 7th

12pm AEST

This training is open to all.

Whether onshore or offshore, outsourcing is becoming more common, but for every success stories there are firms who couldn't make it work.

Join Brian Royce Jones of VA Platinum and I as we:

  • Explore the lessons learned on his journey from adviser to 50+ strong outsourcing company, and the landscape underneath the offer.
  • How he coaches advisers to make outsourcing work and the key mistakes too many make.
  • The scope of services available, what to consider and how to stay on the right side of safe and compliant.

Tuesday 14th

9am AEST, repeated at 12pm AEST

This session has a limited number of places for non program members.

Planning the perfect restart continues!

In this session, we'll smash out a restart plan for 2019, witha  simple that draws upon the wisdom of doing one thing at a time to identify the perfect thing to start 2019 off by doing.

The skinny is that there is one thing in your plan for 2019 that represents the first domino in the line.

A single project which, if you can tip it over first and early, will start a chain reaction that will make everything that follows easier or potentially unnecessary.

I'm going to find it for you and prime you for a perfect start to 2019.


Thursday 18th at 12pm AEST

This training has limited non-member places.

Mastermind has long been one of the most valued sessions at our live event, so now we're bringing in into online format. 

The same opportunity to lay forth your biggest challenge or opportunity, and have those who understand the industry, may have done it before (and succeeded or failed) and can shortcut the process by months.

30 minutes, 5 seats, 5 advisers, 5 minutes to share a problem or opportunity and get back real insight.

First come, first in. You register, you show. Give to get back. Stay until the end.

Friday 21 December at 12pm

This session is limited to program Sprinters.

For many the last 12 months have gone in a blur. There have been ups, and there have been downs.

But now it's time to put it all behind you and celebrate progress, wins and learnings

This is more than just the fluffy stuff. It's the end to our Sprint and time for each and every one of you to come together, recognise each other, be recognised and feel the power of being part of an incredibly high-calibre peer group.

It's time to celebrate, reflect and give each other the recognition you all deserve for being extraordinary. Please, this is one session I implore you not to miss.

Tuesday 18th at 10am AEST
This session is limited to program Sprinters.

Once a year, every year, you get a chance to make a special impression on both prospects and clients.

At this Drop In, I'm going to explore some practical engagement tactics, lead generation opportunities and wow touches to implement this side of Christmas.

In doing so, I'll ensure that not only do you put a smile of people's dial at this most jolly time of year, but also set clients up to be excited about working with you in 2019.

Oh, and we'll also find a few ways to give you a lift too.

Join me or you'll be on the naughty list.

Tuesday 4th at 12pm AEST 
Friday 14th at 1pm AEST until done



On 1 January, I'll be making some changes to the coaching packages I offer through our programs to more accurately reflect the value members get from what we offer, and to make some room for some great new things we have coming your way.

It's not a huge change, but it's something I'd been thinking about and decided it was time to put into action.

Let me share a quick story to give you some context…

When I first launched The Leveraged Advice Firm back in 2015, I focused on doing a few key things well and things that we could deliver to a high standard that would make a difference. 

Every year since then, myself and the team has continued to add to the program with new features, new tools, expanded events, more webinars and new ways to help you achieve what you set out to do with us…. all while leaving pricing pretty much the same.

After reviewing this expanded set of what we now offer, I realised that for us to be able to continue to build on what we do certain elements needed to change.

So on 1 January, our membership packages are getting a makeover and the current plans will no longer be available for new clients..

However, between now and 1 January we'll leaving everything as is...

...which means anyone can lock in any of our current packages before the changes are made AND still hold onto the 30 day guarantee we've always stood behind. 

In addition, if you choose to sign up before the changeover it will include:

  • 30 Days to test drive the program with the money back guarantee
  • As with all our current clients, your rates will be grandfathered for as long as you're part of Leveraged
  • Full access to all program content plus coaching, events and the additional elements only available to current full program members

I'm pumped about the future ahead and I am looking forward to sharing what's in store for 2019, with some exciting ventures on the horizon that I feel will take what we and you do to a whole new level.

Here's to the future. The wave is building, and the place to be is ahead of it.



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