Welcome to January. Ready to kickstart the year?


I hope you had a suitably relaxing break, got some serious R&R and you’re ready to make 2019 the year it all came into place.

We stand on the cusp of a golden age, and what you do in the next 12 months will decide whether you’re part of it.

So, to help you make it count we’re making January a reboot month.

We have two live training sessions for you. Normally I’d tell you to only attend training sessions if they’re relevant to your current Sprint plan. However, the rule doesn’t apply here. Both of these are relevant to each and every business on the program so, unless you let me know otherwise, I’ll see you there. Details below.

A reminder that the Excelerator is coming up. I’ll be sharing more about the theme (which is going to be about as relevant and timely to what is coming in February as can be), but let’s just say if you need great leads and to get existing clients to love what you do, this is going to help in a myriad of ways.

If you have yet to RSVP, do it now.

Plus, we’ve got the new members site and the start of the new additions to our 2019 program ready and waiting in the wings. Keep an eye out for upcoming comms.

Start fast. Start strong. Finish ahead.

Let’s make it happen


Unless otherwise stated, some sessions are limited to program attendees. If in doubt, drop us a line.

Friday 11th

10am AEST

This session is for all program members.

"Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result." ~ Bob Proctor

If you're serious about making 2019 a great, great year, serious about getting the most out of every minute of the next 525,600, then there is one place to start.

You need to be accountable for making it happen.

Accountability is the fuel that will drive you, but it starts with a commitment. That's what this is all about, and if you're willing to make the commitment to attend this training, I'm going to show you how to start the year off with the right focus, the right mindset and the right insight into the difference between incremental progress and a giant leap.

Good news is this is exactly what you can also apply to your client conversations to ensure you get the balance right there too.

I'll be there, and so will you, right?


Friday 25th

10am AEST

This session has a limited number of places for non program members.

The only way you'll ever know how you're improving is if you've got something to compare it to.

You'll have seen it with clients. Until you can show how far they've come, how their wealth has grown and how they've got closer to their goals, it's hard to show the value.

That's why Business Intelligence matters. It's about having a way to create your own dashboard, to show you whether you're winning or standing still.

At this essential session, I'm going to run you through several vital aspects to creating a business intelligence system:
- Introduce to our new business benchmarking system to assist you in comparing your personal progress, as well as against other program members and the wider industry.
- We'll explore the key metrics that really matter and how to apply the data for practical results.
- The technology options available to you if you'd like to add a touch of automation to the process.

Once again, this is a webinar that is relevant to every single firm on the program, so don't miss it.


Wednesday 16th at 2pm AEST

Let's Get This Party Started Edition

This training is limited to program members.

Welcome back to what's going to be the year that changes everything. So join me for the first Drop In of 2019 and get help with whatever you need to make January a flier.

So, whether you need to get clear on your plan, work on some beginning-of-the-year marketing, nail that process that you said mattered last year or find a way to delegate more, this is where I can help

Email [email protected] to pre-book your place in line.

Wednesday 30 January at 2pm

This session is limited to program Sprinters.

If you’d like to be able to get help 1:1 to work on whatever you need without having to wait, read on…

You can join me to work on whatever is needed. It’s an open door, open invite to get help, and at least once a month we'll cover a specific theme.

It’ll work on a first come, first serve basis (unless you shoot me through a message beforehand letting me know what you need in advance).

Email [email protected] to pre-book your place in line.

Thursday 7th to Friday 8th February , Sydney
The 2-day extravaganza

Get ready to get excited,  because it's Excelerator time again.

This time we're diving deep on what may just be the most important skill to master over the next twelve months, to get engagement from clients, strategic partnerships and more.

We're shaking up the format of the two days, to allow even more opportunity to make it the most productive two days of the quarter.

RSVP is essential, so do it now.




In case you missed it last time, I wanted to remind you of 10 ways we're taking a leap with Leveraged over the next few months, to make it even easier to achieve the success you want.

NEW IN 2019

#1 Quarterly benchmark.  The metrics really matter, so each quarter (starting January) we'll be doing a benchmarking exercise, to help you both track your own progress and compare your business to others. In return for submitting some key measures of performance, you'll be able to see where you sit against other program members, specific business models and the broader industry.

#2 Consistent webinar times. From next year all our webinar times will be consistent from month-to-month, so you'll know exactly when during the month (second Friday, last Friday) each session is and can lock it in every month.

#3 Excelerator timings. We're making small but important changes how we run it.
Day 1 will start at 10 am, to help those who want to fly in the same day, and Day 2 will end earlier at 1 pm, to allow those who need to get home to do so, with a social event for those who wish to stick around This won't just be about cutting time though. We're mixing up the format too starting in Feb to allow more outside-the-box speakers, breakout sessions and more. We're also looking into live streaming the events, so your team can attend from afar and help you get more traction with your own partnerships by inviting you to bring them along to the Excelerator to become deeply involved in your success (and theirs) and more.

 #4 Boardroom. Still on the Excelerator theme, we're introducing something brand new. For our long-standing and elite members, we'll be running a special pre-Excelerator Boardroom event. More to follow, but it's something that high performing members with very specific needs will be invited to be part of.

#5 Kajabi. We've been hard at work behind the scenes creating a brand new members site, based on feedback about the existing one. To create it we've partnered with the world's leading membership platform, Kajabi. We'll be porting everyone across in the New Year and trust me when I say you're going to be blown away with it.

#6 Leverage Lab. Welcome to the age of the "super module". Every 90 days, I'll be working very closely with a few select businesses on an extended project. The topic will be lead entirely by what is needed, whether it be CRM implementation, lead generation, launching a new offer or even a new business. We already kicked it off in November with our networking marketing super-module The Relationship Game and I'm keen to share the output of this in the new year, so you can see a live case study in action, and implement it in your own business with precision. 

#7 Tuesday Morning Tips. Starting February, each Tuesday morning  at 9 am I will host a dial-in call which you're invited to join me for. The format is simple. I will share one tip that you can implement immediately to get a result in your business that week. In addition for those who can't make the Drop-Ins/ Digital Boardrooms, this is a convenient way to connect even whilst you're on the run

#8 30-Minute Mastermind. Mastermind has long been one of the most valued sessions at our live event, so now we're bringing it to your in a more-regular, online format. The same opportunity to lay forth your biggest challenge or opportunity to those who understand the industry or may have done it before (and succeeded or failed) and can shortcut the process by months. 30 minutes, 5 seats, 5 advisers, 5 minutes to share a problem or opportunity and get back real insight.

#9 New Improved Drop In. I'm giving the Drop In a makeover, and moving it to every second Wednesday. More on the details to come, but it'll give you four compelling reasons to make this a regular fixture in your diary.

#10 Partner program. We're upping our Partnership game. Over the next 12 months, the quality of guests we'll be inviting to work with you is going to skyrocket. In addition, we have some big, big plans to partner with a number of firms in the resourcing, technology, systems, processes and marketing space to really make it incredibly easy for you to take all that's in the program and implement it quickly and effectively. 


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