Audere (latin, verb) - ow-dare -ay
1. dare/have courage (to go/do), act boldly, venture, risk
2. intend, be prepared

Or-dare? Ow-deer? Oo-dare-ay?

So hard to pronounce, but it means a lot to us.

It explains the journey as much as the purpose.


You'd think a name line that would have been chosen with meticulous care, right?

The truth I was sat in my office at home in Coogee, frustrated after hours of trying to a free domain name that matched the list of names I'd come up with, when I caught sight of some sporting memorabilia hanging on the wall. 

Audere est facere”, or to dare is to do, is the motto of an old, great club. 

And that's how it came to be, and even after a thousand mispronunciations, countless repeated, “Sorry, from where?” phone conversations, and all that comes with using a Latin name to define who you are...

... but I just can't change it. It describes what it's all about perfectly.

To venture beyond the industry, and be be willing to look beyond what you know,.

Beyond established wisdom and into places that you wouldn’t think hold inspiration for better advice firms.

It’s about daring to crash together ideas that don’t seem to fit, watching many of them not fit, but enough of them to succeed to lead you down roads no one else is looking for.

It’s about taking action, being focused on helping other people act, because after all an adventure is always better with company, right?

Sure, if we changed it it's unlikely the world would suddenly cry out in despair, "What happened to that company with the name no-one can pronounce?!"

But we've worked with well over a thousand advice firms, as well a bunch of businesses that have nothing to do with advice, and maybe just maybe that matters.

We’ve experimented with technology, digital, integrations and run down dead ends so deep they echoed, and we've done so under the mark of the bulb with an a.

Plus we've produced gigbytes of articles, published books, shared whitepapers, built templates, filmed reams of video, streamed countless live webinars, honed our skills at live events and traveled all over to speak and share. Would we have to go back and rebrand all that?

Then I'd have to spend weeks briefing the team we’ve assembled from far and wide (who you can meet a few of below) who we share common ideas, values and a sense of where it's all heading. 

The thousands of people who read our blogs, watch our videos or come to our events each year. 

And then I'd have to think of a new name which, as you can imagine, there's no guarantee of improvement.

So, I guess it'll have to keep being Audere. 

In all truth, I kinda like it. 

I hope you'll come too as well because we're just getting started.



As part of providing support to our clients, we're lucky to have the support of some of the industries finest.


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