A simple 20 mins “tame your tech" solution to helps advisers adopt the right tech strategy, choose the best tools and avoid the tech trap.
We all want to find the Goldilocks zone when it comes to our practices and technology.

That perfect sweetspot where things just work and it makes getting on the business of advice just flow, but it’s not always easy.

Too little and we’re working way to hard. Too much of it can get in the way.

This tool, drawn from The Leveraged Advice Firm program and presented to advisers all over Australia and beyond is something that I continually get told is a game changer when it comes to getting it right

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๐Ÿ’ก Diagnose if your tech stack is hitting the right marks across four streams and eight key functional elements of your tech strategy.

๐Ÿ’ก  Help you work out whether you may have too much, what to do if you do and how to go about trimming your exposure (and budget),

๐Ÿ’ก  Explore all your options and give you some tech to check and the stuff to avoid.



The right tools to connect with your ideal prospects and run it all like clockwork in the background.



Find the best means to manage the delivery without the risk of things dropping through cracks.



Achieve efficiency & put a line between the tools used to communicate with clients vs internally.

Data & Admin

Data & Admin

Whether it's file storage or producing advice docs, organise it all to avoid confusion.

Tame Your Practice Tech Once & For All

I’m Stewart Bell, and probably the best way of describing what I do it to say I fix problems.

More specifically, I fix business problems for advice professionals.

For the past two decades, my focus has been working with hundreds of firms - from small single-planner practices to large corporatised multi-partner businesses, - and being engaged by Australia's largest institutions to deliver workshops, keynote speeches, thought leadership, and direct consulting on a range of business-related topics

However, it’s my focus on how technology and tech-thinking has the power to transform the business of advice that has driven the real journey over the past seven years.

It was the meeting of these two worlds that resulted in my founding of Audere Coaching & Consulting, authoring the book, Finnovation: The Complete Advisers' Guide to Innovating Your Advice Model (or as it’s been called "The Manual For Advice Businesses Who Want To Do Things Differently”) and ultimately the founding of The Leveraged Advice Firm.

At current count, I’ve worked with over 500 firms in a direct coaching capacity in Australia. US, UK, Europe, Canada, Asia and South Africa, presented to thousands at conferences all over the world and created a collection of resources numbering over 500 tools and templates accompanied by over 300+ hours of on-demand training.

I also host a podcast, The Finnovator, have a small web design business WOW Websites building top notch websites for advisers, runs monthly live training for ambitious advice firms and write regularly for industry publications and educational providers.

I hope to get to know you personally when your’e ready.



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