14 proven hacks, tips and tech tools to help for advisers, accountants and financial experts take back hours in the week and escape the overwhelm

⏰ How to leverage audio to cut your file noting time by 80% (3 hours/ week)

⏰ How to handover management of your email to others (saves 3 hours/ week)

⏰ The system so you never have to train someone twice (1 hour/ week)

⏰ A framework for fool proof delegation (4 hour/  week)

⏰ Switch your mode of team communication to eliminate distraction (4 hrs/ wk)

...and 9 other time saving hacks proven to work.


Some of the best tools I've found that make doing what you do even better, simpler and faster.


Frameworks, templated and repeatable ways to reduce, delegate or eliminate workload.


The best ways to hack your routines and personal operating system, and that of your team.

Hi. I'm Stewart Bell. 

I'm a Business Coach, Founder of Audere, Author of Finnovation and Creator of the The Leveraged Advice Program.

Like most of us who make a living helping others with advice, trading time for money is the trap we all try to avoid. My own personal journey with productivity started when I realised I needed to leverage not only technology and better working habits, but also change the way I worked and engaged with clients.

When my kids came along, I realised that in many ways it was the most important project of all - the one to enable all others.

I want to share 14 of the best from the program I created, to help you and hundreds of advice professionals find more time to do great work and achieve greater success.

I hope they prove useful and, like many I've worked with, help you claim back two days a week.

Program Sneak Peek
The Audio File Note System
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5 Levels of Delegation
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25 Templated Emails
Just a tiny part of what we can do...

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