As an adviser, accountant, broker, financial coach, investment specialist or financial expert you're probably great at helping clients see the big picture...

...but what about you?


What's your "If I can just get there..." place where you'd feel able to to focus on doing what you do best.

If you're here maybe you're looking for answers. or inspiration, or clarity
If so, I'd love to share the strategies & tactics that have helped my clients find those answers
...and show you how you can be part of it. 


Do we really need to start by listing out all the reasons the business of advice has become harder?

You already know it. You're living it.

It wasn't long ago you could rely on your your Licensee for support to get you business runninghumming and growing.  Where once there were PDMs, resources are spent on compliance and monitoring.

There was a time when a website was enough to announce your digital presence.
Now you need an integrated online marketing and social media strategy just to stay in the game.

There was a time when software was something that would help.
Now it's a minefield of choices, training and cost, the landscape seemingly changing from minute to minute.

There was a time when advice was easier, but...

Times have changed.

Maybe like many you're aching for more space, time, resources to get the business right where you want it. Perhaps you just want to make it simpler, less stressful, less onerous, and get back to doing what makes a difference.

The reality for most the last years has been challenging times.  

Despite all this demand for advice is growing.  

These next years provide a golden opportunity for those wanting to be part of a new golden age of advisory services.

A wave is building, and the wave is change.


Get ahead of that wave and you'll be part of a once-in-a-generation event.


It's happening right now, and the question is simply...


(aka how this it all started)

My name is Stewart

For two decades (since 2002), I've been helping advisers and advice professionals with their businesses.

I grew up with business. Every grandparent, uncle, aunt and both my parents were/are self-employed. I started my first (with Dad's help) at 15. It's been an obsession ever since; a road I'm always drawn back onto.

It hasn't always been easy - you'd know how challenging it is to juggle business, family and life - but from the very beginning, small business has always been there.

When it doesn't work, it's not just about the business. It affects the lives of everyone connected, as I've seen at close range. 

When it goes right though, it makes for an extra-ordinary life. No path is as fulfilling as controlling your own destiny.

I believe in the professional services model in it's simplest form. It’s the industry I know and have the greatest expertise in.

I believe more people need help with money - I’ve seen both sides of the equation from multiple (personal) angles - and the way that help is delivered needs to change. Technology has a part to play.

I’ve never believed all the answers lie within our industry. I've invested more personal time than anyone playing in spaces outside the norm, looking where most coaches don't, mashing up ideas to create breakthroughs and great content.

My motivation, like most people, is simple; I want to go home each night knowing I helped those wth expertise, help others.

Feeling like I’ve helped you to help more people, and for you to go home at night also feeling you’ve done good work, and can create an extra-ordinary life for you and your family.

The reason I wanted to share my story is I want you to know me.  And I want you to know that I can help you.

...because our industry is making a leap. and how you experience it is your choice.

 I have devoted the last seven years as an independent consultant looking beyond just our industry, into the secrets of technology businesses and exploring places 99% of coaches never think to look.

I have tried and tested just about every method out there through practical application, coaching hundreds of firms and working with numerous institutions. 

I've tested this on every conceivable type of advisory firm large and small, new and mature, specialist and generalist, advisers and planners, financial coaches, investment specialists and brokers, themselves working with clients all the way from ultra high net worth to Mums and Dads.

..and I have cracked challenges most firms struggle by applying solutions most know nothing about.


I know what works, and I know what doesn’t.  

Along the way, I kept every learning, every practical insight, every template, tool, or framework than got results.

The output of working with all those firms; studying, applying and tweaking the science of scaling advice businesses.

Two decades doing it exclusively with advice professionals, amassing insight into the intersections between the business of advice and client experience and how to use tech (and more) to achieve scale.

Then it came to me what I'd done. 

What I'd built that no-one else seemed to have.


for the next generation of market leading advice firms.














It matters because of what it can give you back.

Not next year, or six months from now, but in the next week.



Show you incredibly simple ways to get back a day a week or more starting next week.

Diagnose your client engagement process so you can confidently increase your fees and convert more clients.

Instantly show you the missing parts of your lead funnel that can be filled quickly and at low cost.

Show you where you're wasting money on social media and where to spend it instead.

Identify five processes to hand off, how to train that person and give you the processes ready-made.

Point out 2-3 technology solutions to implement in the next two weeks to greatly enhance the way you work.

Ready yourself to outsource from next month and hand off things you're struggling to get done.

In 90-minutes create a fee model you can believe and transition clients new and existing onto starting now.

Change 3 things stopping your clients from understanding what you do, and get them engaged.

Put in your hands (the moment we start working) a suite of visual tools that makes it easier to explain advice.

Get clear on your message, your offer, your market, where to find them and what marketing you need..

Get clear on what you're doing right now that isn't going to help and what you should be doing instead.



The ROI from what we do will echo through your business for years, but it doesn't mean it's a long term project.

These strategies can be started in the first month, first fortnight, first week, and shift your world now.



It's entirely possible you could achieve it all without my help, but the value of choosing not to is simple:

    ✔ You shortcut the process of research and implementation.

    ✔ You don't go down dead ends I already have.

    ✔ You get ahead of the wave of change whilst you still can.

    ✔ You don't waste time now, when time is most valuable.

    ✔ You fast track giving yourself a platform to do great work.

    ✔ You don't just survive, you thrive.

Why choose a harder route if there's no benefit?

Still, here are some of the reasons I sometimes hear (that never make sense to me).

How many times have you been on the receiving end of this from prospects and groaned? Later often never comes. 

Theres one secret I've learnt for getting results, and it's so simple it's amazing. It's the reason why some are able to fast track success and others stay stuck.

Ask someone who has done it first, implement second. It's a game changer.

Assuming you want the outcome, eventually you'll decide to research, build and test it yourself scratch and solve problems others have already found solutions to.

Or put it off until you no longer can.

The truth is time is made, not found, and finding time for building a great business is often out Step 1.

Conversely, if you don't have time for finding shortcuts, what exactly is the solution?

I've worked with Licensee teams and in all honesty, most rarely have the time of single focus to provide the breadth o support I do (which is why I work WITH them so well). 

This is me FULL TIME. Every week I'm finding new ways to build advice firms. Whatever time you've spend working on your business, I'll 10x it.

It's not about experience, but time and absolute focus.

..and scientists are rarely what they study.  chose not to be an adviser (despite being qualified). This is what I love (and excel at). 

I've worked with 100s of businesses across 100s of business models, and that's experience that can only be had doing what I do.

To every experienced adviser who feels that only advisers can do what I do,  ask yourself, "Would you rather 20 years experience, or 1 year times 20?"

Bill Gates has a saying.

"If you add people to an already inefficient process, it makes it worse"

Let's assume Bill knows his stuff. To add people at scale, you need a clear vision, proposition, systems, profit model, tech and all the stuff that NEEDS to be in place first.

Craft the vision and platform for success, then add superstars who'll build the rest.

...but what if it does?

What if all it need is a fresh injection of ideasnew ways to solve old problems and the rest is a story worth telling.

It's hard to see the solution when you're inside the problem. 

You're here, so I assume you've decided you want change.

I have fuel, you bring fire


How about I share what's inside.

If we're on the same page - that there is value in shortcutting your journey - then the question is...

Does it have what YOU need?

I could share with you the program catalog, but it'd be like drinking from a fire hydrant. If you like drinking that way, it's all here, but it might not make this an easier decision. Sometimes you need clarity to progress.

I don't think you need to know the names of the courses.

You need to know the problems the program solves.
...and that's just for starters.
Inside each module lives the fuel to progress five times faster than if you started from scratch

✔  Video training

✔  Ready made templates

✔  Examples & use cases

✔  Supplementary resources

✔  Great ideas (proven)

✔  Practical frameworks

✔  Step-by-step methodology

✔  Continually refreshed content

✔  Action plans


You could...
... work 1:1 with a "traditional" consultant.

...but it would take years of work together to cover this much content and possibly tens of thousands of dollars. You'd spend hours in meetings listening to them explaining the concepts*, instead of diving into the WHY, WHAT & HOW so you can focus down on how to make it work for you, and miss out on having access to a high calibre peer group as well.
* I know this isn't the best way because I used to work like this. You don't need me, you need the practical know how and someone to show you how to make this work for you.

...employ a 6-figure Practice Manager to build it from scratch

...but although are some great Practice Managers out there, no doubt, you're betting on a) this person is bringing the know-how with them, and b) this person has the experience you need, and c) this person's efforts will generate a return that is at least three times the investment in their salary. it yourself.

...but that time you're investing is $300 an hour that may be better invested in activities like bringing on the right new clients at the right fee levels today or building referral partnerships.

...invest a couple of hundred thousand to learn from the best within and outside our industry.

...but not only would take time, it's also learning long form what I've already broken down into what matters to advice firms.

...devote the next 7 years (full time) testing, refining & optimising

..which would give you an great body of knowledge, only 7 years minimum behind the one I've already got. 


Or you can short cut the whole process, saving time, money and opportunity cost by leveraging what's already been done.

I'm not talking about projects that take months to implement. I'm talking things that will work this week, next week and the week after.


""All in all, it is still about results and it's delivered, from the concept stage to the final outcomes""

James Williamson
Millhaven Financial

"I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone serious about taking their business to the next level"

Catherine Stewart
Vue Financial

""The program has completely turned my thinking around about business and how we need to market to clients. I can not recommend it highly enough for providing a platform for success""

Geoff Whiddon
Dome Financial Group

""We come to work excited about the work I've got ahead of me and confident in the activities we're running and we've progressed fast!""

Michael & Jason Chew
Orange Wealth

"I have not made a business decision that has had greater impact on my business"

Paul Stoddart
PRS Partners

"It's about really good content, not "ra-ra-ra" coaching. It provides really good, practical things you can implement in your business straight away"

Reuben Zelwer
Adapt Wealth

"Without [it] we wouldn’t be the much happier team that are all doing what they love day in and day out."

Simon Enger
DollarGrowth Financial Group

"Loving the program. What a beast! I really like the fact that I can learn and implement at my own pace and refer back if I missed something or to re-visit."

Luke Dalziel-Don


Below you'll find what your skin in the game for this. First, I want to address cost.

To me these two things are very different and it's a concept I'd love to help you master with your clients too.

The programs on offer are not cheap, by design and for good reason.

The reason is that I want you to apply this knowing it has value. That you've paid for it and you NEED to put it to work to make it pay.

How many times have you hoarded free downloads or PD Day notes that you took and done nothing with it? The simple reason comes courtesy of 18th century economist Adam Smith. It's called the Paradox of Value.

"That obtained with little toil or struggle has no value"

If you'd like prospects and clients to value what YOU do, you're going to learn how true this is.

This is not about information or templates or tools or yet more nice ideas.




The price point has to be enough so you are motivated to not waste what you've committed to.
If you put this to work and got your focus right, what would you need to achieve to fund it?

?? How many extra new clients would it require?
One? Two? Three? 

?? What's 2 free days in your week worth over a year at $300 an hour?
$200k? $300k? More?

?? What could you achieve with that extra time? 
See more new clients?
Finally get on the front foot with your marketing?
Set up new partnerships to create new quality leadflow?
Work more deeply with existing clients?
Find and train your replacement? 

?? If you could spend two extra weeks a year with your family and still grow..
What's would you pay someone for that? 


Just like your advice, this shouldn't be about price.

It's about what it takes to make things different. It's about the personal and financial cost of not addressing the issues that have brought you here.

I'm not trying to hard sell you.

This is what coaching is all about. It's about helping people who have intention to change this to take the action required to make it happen, and it's a conversation you should master about so you can move your clients to take action too...




From the moment you enter the program, you're going to realise the breadth of the opportunities you've never thought to look at.

    ✔ Ways to work smarter

    ✔ Tech tools to make it easier

    ✔ Tools to communicate your value

    ✔ Systems that make it faster

    ✔ Frameworks that make it clearer

    ✔ Scripts to help you get results

So, let's get down to it...


Focused and cost effective, choose from 18 themed project bundles

Take a 90 Day view of things, get clear about your focus and we'll put in front of you exactly what's needed to drive results within a defined timeframe.

It's perfect for those who want to focus down on specific business issues and avoid any distraction.

You choose from our Sprint Bundles, themselves drawn from the 70+ modules that make up the full Online library 

Essentially we've packaged it up perfect for a 90-Day "Sprint" implementation cycle. You choose the which you want and how many, then we hit go on your Sprint.

Each bundle is made up of between 3-6 modules, incorporating:

  • Fully guided step by step video training.
  • Supporting worksheets to work through it.
  • Visual tools to support your engagement
  • Ready made templates, many ready to grab and start using with clients and your team.
  • Clear frameworks to follow and examples and wordings.

In addition, you get access to Leveraged Fundamentals (to ensure you've got a good foundation for success) and The Racing Line Implementation System (to help you get results), with neither impacting your bundle quota.

Plus you'll be invited to attend the full program live online training, even if they not part of your bundle, meaning you get additional non-bundle content included as well

Available via a payment plan or single upfront payment, with a 14-day swap guarantee.



Unrestricted access, new content added monthly & live coaching

On-demand, when-needed access to the full suite of all 70 Leveraged Online adviser toolkits, across all the 12 areas of the program curriculum & more.

  • Fully guided step by step video training.
  • Supporting worksheets to work through it.
  • Visual tools to support your engagement
  • Ready made templates, many ready to grab and start using with clients and your team.
  • Clear frameworks to follow and examples and wordings.
  • Access to the entire library of case studies, processes, ready-to-use sales tools and other client-facing material and worksheets
  • Leveraged Fundamentals and The Racing Line Implementation System.

Plus elements not available to any other Leveraged Online membership.

  • An open invitation to live events (usually limited to full program members), including monthly live online training webinars, live case study sessions and weekly online group coaching boardroom sessions, to help you work through implementing.
  • Automatic access to new program content, which is added monthly. In essence, you get at least 12 new modules a year.
  • The opportunity to upgrade your membership to the full program if you choose to.

Available via a payment plan or single upfront payment, with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.




The full monty - full library coaching & hi-cal peer group

A complete business system, coaching & hi-cal peer group for successful advisers, accountants and brokers in a digitally-connected world.

The full program is about breaking through paradigms that hold you back from creating greater demand for your advice services, achieving greater levels of profitability and ceasing to be the focal point of your business and proposition.

Combining a comprehensive “plug and play” curriculum, award winning content, fresh thinking, the very best coaching support and a peer group experience of the very highest calibre.

It's the original and most hand-on version of the program, for firms playing for the fastest rate.

  • Full access to the extended program curriculum of 130 toolkits, including Insight sessions, Masterclasses and premium content.
  • Full access to all live sessions and recordings, including group coaching sessions where fresh insight comes straight from peers.
  • Automatic access to new program content, which is added monthly. In essence, at least 12 new modules a year.
  • Unlimited 1:1 personal coaching
  • Live in-person 2-day Excelerator experience - the very best of what we do - 3 times a year from you and your business partner.
  • All-of-business access - you and your team
  • High-calibre peer group to drive and inspire plus private facebook community.

Available via a payment plan or single upfront payment, with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.



Forward-thinking advisers who want to feel excited about the future.

Accountants who don't see ITRs as the future of their business.

Brokers who want more than just a great sales process.

Investment specialists who have a genuine gift in what they do.

Financial coaches who want to be able to help more people.

Mature firms ready to make changes and take their clients with them

Business owners who want to find better ways to operate.

Those who have the drive and want the structure to make it happen.

...and other financial experts who love what they do and can add value to people and their money 




Those whose sole motivation is their own financial interests above all.

Those who say, "It won't work for me". If you think that, I believe you.

Advice firms who want to continue pretending to be investment experts.

Other business coaches*.
* This is a program where you have permission to apply the content to your own business only  



You can choose whichever suites your business, budget and preference from Sprint, Unlimited or Full Leveraged


The sign up process for Online is instant access so you can start straight away. With Leveraged, step one is to book in a chat to ensure it's right for you


We go to work at turning your investment into ROI, changing things for the better and making your business hum


This is no $100, throwaway course designed to upsell you into something more expensive. This is the full monty, offered at a price point which if you're serious about this most should have no problem generating ROI not just in Year 1 but well beyond.

It's not intended to be cheap. It is designed to be valuable.

There are cheaper courses, but nothing comes close to the scope of Leveraged, or the investment of time I've made in pulling together the most comprehensive body of IP for advice firms anywhere.

If you truly don't believe that you can make this back, given 

Thousands of hours invested in creating, implementing and testing. 

What it would cost you to engage a Practice Manager or consultant to do it for you

What I charge to work with firms on your full and direct consulting programs

The firms who've put this to work and generated the results from it.

...then I also make this promise to you. 

During those first 30 days, if it isn't what you thought it was, can't make it work don't have the time
...or any other reasons.
You hand back course content.

I will refund your money 

No questions asked.

100% removal of risk guarantee. 




We've taken around 70 modules from the full program curriculum of 100, focusing on the ones we think are most relevant.

Online Unlimited gives you access to all 70, as they appear on the full Leveraged catalog. Basically, use what you want when you want it, plus the new 1-2 we add each month.

With Sprint, we're still drawing from the same 70, but we've "bundled" them down into around 34 bundles which make them perfectly aligned to a 90 Day implementation cycle.

​The course content is designed for financial advice businesses, progressive accounting firms, and future focused mortgage brokers who are interested in finding ways to generate leads more effectively (particularly using online methodology), convert them more easily, onboard clients, overhaul pricing and service offers, improve their client experience, work better with insourced and outsourced teams, systematise and use technology better, and get more personally productive.


Essentially, if you're looking for ground-breaking tools to help you reinvent your advice model and overhaul your existing business, it's designed for you.

​The online program contains the very same tools, templates, and training as offered on the main course.

The only real difference is within the main course, members get access to personal coaching, as well as full community access including our live events.

Essentially, we've taken the content part of Leveraged and made it available to a wide audience.

​Like anything, the amount of time you put in will dictate how quickly you can implement. 

When working with people on the full program, we usually recommend two to four hours a week is a good investment of time, whereas six to eight hours will see you fast track your progress.

However, if you feel like time might be an issue in your business, this is not something we haven't come across before. We have a number of modules in there, often which we start work with businesses on, designed to help them free up the five to 10 hours a week they might need to try to make change.

Leveraged Online gives you full access to all modules within the program. So in essence, at any point in time, you can work on multiple modules, and combine concurrent themes in order to make faster progress.

 Sprint however is designed for businesses who prefer to take it one module at a time, so you get to choose the number of modules that you work on in every 90-day period.

Membership is for either a 90 days or 12-month period, depending on the course.

Just to be open about it; upfront payment provides you with the membership. The monthly instalment option is a way to spread the cost over time. it's not a month to month fee.

There's two reasons for that.

First thing, we want people to go in there and work through the content at the right pace, not try and consume it all in one go. It simply doesn’t work.

Secondly, we’ve found through years of experience that coaching works best when people make a commitment.

I want you to undertake this as a project to transform your business and I know that when courses are offered within open-ended date, such as with Udemy or other courses, the likelihood of people not undertaking the action increases. 

If you like to read more about this, check out Parkinson's Law on Google to see the impact of not having an end date on the amount of effort put in.

Essentially, we make it available for a period because it's a coaching course and we want you to get results, not just collect information.

If you’re not sure about making a commitment, then that’s why we also offer Sprint.

Because I want you to get results, not just buy a course.

This is about taking lessons learned from our full Leveraged Advice Firm Program and sticking to the playbook that gets results. 

Due to Parkinson's Law and a bunch of psychological factors, courses which are offered with an open-ended date, tend to be "collected" and often never implemented. There's no urgency to work on them. 

I want there to be urgency. I want you to apply this to get a result and therefore we have a set duration for program membership.

That's not to say that you won't have availability of some of the content afterwards as many of the tools and templates you can download for future reference.

In addition, because I'm adding new content each month, it's less of a static course and more of an evolving support system.

The curriculum is based on the same three-pillar nine-strategy scope as the main program.

  • Attracting new clients, incorporating lead generation and marketing, new client engagement, and mastering the on-boarding of client
  • Strategies to improve your service offer and scale it, improve pricing and profitability, and build a memorable client experience.
  • Resourcing your business up, including getting your team to work more effectively together, embracing outsourcing, systematising using technology well, and personal productivity. 

We also have a areas covering project management and implementation methodology so that not only do you have the content, but you have a clear framework and structure, the same one we use in a full program for getting results.

The number of modules you consume at any one time will depend on a few factors including:

  • how much time you commit,
  • the resources available in your business,
  • how motivated you are to getting things done, and
  • how good you are at implementing.

Most businesses aim to work on between one and three focused projects each 90 days. Sometimes different people in the business may focus on different things.

However, a general rule of thumb the bigger the change you're trying to embed, the fewer things you might want to work on. If in doubt, go low.

Unlimited is useful in this way, because you always have the chance to dip in when needed.

Absolutely not. In fact one of the main motivators for Leveraged Online was to be able to offer much of what we've done in our main course to a wider audience including advisers from the US, the UK, South Africa, Canada, and a number of other areas where advice is growing. 

Essentially, the core elements of the program from lead generation to client engagement, servicing, and a host more, are very much portable across the other industries. There may be some terminology and regulatory but regardless of whether we're talking about country to country, state to state, or business to business, variations occur even when businesses working in the same town.

During the first 30 days, if you're not happy for whatever reason, drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll refund everything.

Yes it is - please keep your receipt from Stripe as proof of payment. The total fee you paid include 10% GST.


You just pay the difference between the new course price and the price you've already paid. 

If you choose to pay by instalments, your new instalment payment will simply increase at the next month and your membership period if greater than six months will not reset.


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